At Gannett Digital we realize that one size doesn’t fit all. We want to understand your business and advertising objectives before we recommend an online marketing plan for you.

All our ad sizes conform to the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards. We are continually looking for ways to bring fresh and productive ideas to the marketplace.

Display Banners
All of our newspaper and broadcast websites are equipped with the three main banner ad units (728x90, 160x600 and 300x250). We also accept rich media if your client is looking for an interactive experience.

Context Targeting
If you need to place your ad in a specific content area, we have the experience and capability to offer that option. We have created a method to deliver in 200 different content sections. Each market has been set up with uniform ad server pages, which means that all the websites use the same taxonomy. Thus you can be assured that your ad can be served consistently across multiple sites in a particular content area. In addition, this classification is also used on the website of USA The result is the ability to target precise content sections nationwide.

Geographic Targeting
Target your audience by the client’s need whether it is the entire network, a particular geographic area or as small as three markets – we can create a plan that will meet your campaign objectives.

Streaming video online has become popular especially since the cost of high-speed Internet access has declined. Gannett Digital brings together a unique combination of local and national video content to users. This network of online video destinations cannot be found anywhere else and does an excellent job of capturing the local market audience. Local newspaper and broadcast sites create and post their own video content – highlighting news and information the community desires. The sites also provide video content from USA Today – covering the latest national news of the day.

All the video players have the same look and feel as well as the same ad unit – making it efficient and simple to implement across multiple websites.

Mobile phones have evolved as a multi-faceted communication and media device. Thanks to improvements such as powerful handsets, high resolution screens and faster data networks, our users can easily consume content on the go. To meet this demand Gannett Digital launched locally branded mobile web sites. When a reader visits a newspaper or broadcast site from their mobile handsets, they are served a single ad message per page. This ad message can link readers to a jump page with text, email opt-ins, click-to-call and/or SMS opt-in messages. Using Gannett Digital mobile, marketers can maximize the impact of their message while minimizing clutter.