Wholly Owned Gannett Properties
usatoday.com is the web site of the nation's largest selling newspaper and is one of the most popular destinations on the web for national, international and lifestyle news. Award-winning design and graphics, smart and concise presentation and, of course, cutting edge journalism make this site a favorite with both readers and advertisers.

The Gannett Online Network is comprised of over 108 web sites across the nation that offer access to local consumers within a premium news and information environment. Together with usatoday.com, Gannett's combination of newspaper and broadcast sites offer one of the largest groupings of the country's most desirable consumers anywhere on the Web - and lets marketers reach their consumer target with a single order.

Gannett Media Technologies International (GMTI) develops, hosts and supports web-based solutions for the publishing industry. GMTI offers an array of services, including: editorial and advertising content management, third party products integration, managed hosting, Celebro multimedia marketing and reverse publishing systems for Auto and Real Estate, and Digital Collections news library and photo archiving systems.

Local News and Information Online Portals are located across the US. Born initially from daily newspapers and network television stations, these sites specialize in offering deep, hyper-local information to the communities they serve. These comprehensive information sources are updated on an hourly basis and often around-the-clock.

Captivate Network delivers its national news, entertainment, and advertising to more than 2.2 million viewers via more than 7,300 wireless, digital screens located in the elevators of premier office towers in 21 of North America's top markets. Captivate partners with a number of major media partners to provide programming for the network, and helps hundreds of leading brands transform downtime into Captivate Time.

Clipper Magazine is a full-color advertising magazine, consisting largely of local merchants and services but also includes major regional and national advertisers. Readership exceeds 200 million annually with over 467 local editions in 30 states mailed 7 times each year.

Planet Discover is a technology solution that provides local integrated search and enhanced directory listings. Users can access and order information from across a given site - all from a single search box. These search platforms help users in truly meaningful ways, and they give publishers the power to offer advertisers highly targeted exposure to local consumers.

PointRoll offers a suite of products and services that allows agencies, advertisers and publishers to deliver user-friendly online ads that engage their target, effectively bringing a mini-web site to the user without requiring a click. Interactive features such as streaming video, polling, instant e-mail, data collection and more can easily be used by marketers to deliver ads that build their brand and drive their sales.

Specialty Portals
Gannett operates hundreds of web sites representing a diverse sampling of lifestyle interests, professions, local geography and demographic segments. Examples include; Nursing Spectrum.com, Hawaii.com, the Army Times group, Indy Mom and many more. Please ask your consultant for a complete list.