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This site features links to sound clips for 4,000 songs released between 1960 and 1975 and guaranteed to stick in your head. It also has advice on how to figure out the name of a song when you remember just a few words.

The Oscar nominations are out, which must mean it's time to start the straw polls on who'll win what. Drop by The Felixes -- "Odd Couple" fans nod sagely at the name -- and cast your votes in the major categories

A sprinkling of movies given the "Mutant Viewing" treatment -- think MST3K, or your better class of DVD commentary track -- round out the fun on this site.


Any museum that greets you with chewing gum can't be bad. Ian House's personal exhibit of 20th-century package design is a fine example of how one smart collector can share his findings.

This isn't the first Lewis and Clark commemorative site we've picked, but we're fascinated by the great expedition of 200 years ago. This online version of a traveling exhibition presents the familiar journey from a variety of viewpoints.

Quick -- who was the first U.S. president? Wrong! At least, so this site tells us -- documenting, as it does, no fewer than 10 possible holders of the office between 1774 and 1778.


PBS' "Scientific American Frontiers" has put host Alan Alda on a diet. Nine volunteers will be suffering along with him as the show takes a look at the whys, wherefores, and science behind voluntary weight loss.


Virtual futures markets are nothing new to the Web, but this one -- in which you buy, sell and short shares in the current crop of presidential candidates -- can win the savviest player a trip to Inauguration Day next January.


This well-written site is geared to kids, but we suspect most adults can learn a lot about anatomy from Andrew McGann's careful explanations.

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